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TonicGear is based in the UK and features the best women’s fitness clothing. Whether you are looking for fitness wear for general exercise, Insanity HIIT Training, Bokwa, Zumba or Yoga, whatever your workout is, this site is for you. TonicGear supplies women's activewear and fitness gear from well known brands Bia Brazil, Protokolo and Nina Bucci. TonicGear aims to bring you some of the best fitness fashion from Rio de Janeiro to New York City, from L.A. to Paris. TonicGear is dedicated to doing the shopping for you, providing the latest ideas and best bargains on the hottest gym fashions in the fitness world.

Our selection of women's exercise clothes is aimed at providing you with maximum comfort while working out in style. All our products are made from the latest Supplex, Lycra fibres. This makes them breathable and odor-, wind- and water-resistant. Supplex facilitates perspiration keeping the body's temperature stable. We offer small medium and large size clothing from our suppliers and size charts can be found on our site under FAQ's.

So, whether you are into gym, Insanity HIIT fitness, aerobics, yoga, Zumba or even leisure, if you want the very best styles in women's gym clothes and sportswear, and the highest quality fabrics, then look no further than TonicGear. Visit our store to see our full range of gym clothing and athleisure.

How to place an order...

To place an order you need to register.

Before you can purchase any of our trendy gym clothes online, you will be required to register. Click "Register" at the top of the page. Fill in the registration form as required. Fields marked with red arrows are mandatory fields, and must be completed.


Email Address: The email address you provide will be used by you to log into our site and will be used to send you your order confirmation. Please provide a valid email or order confirmations will not be able to be sent.

Password: The password created by you will give you access to our website and allow you to make future purchases, without the need to register again.

Choosing a Product

Find the exercise outfit you want to purchase. Select the item by clicking the image or the name of the product. This will give you more details on the item chosen, like a product description, related products and additional images. (Clicking on the additional images will enlarge them.)

Select the size and quantity you desire. Click the "Add to Cart" button to add the item to your cart and continue shopping.

There is a "mini" Shopping Cart on the left-hand side of the "Shop" page which will display the sportswear added to your cart as well as the total of your purchases.

When you are ready to purchase your items you can either select the "Buy it Now" button on the last item you wish to add or click on the "Cart" button. Selecting either of these buttons will take you to the shopping cart ready to proceed with checkout.

Shopping cart checkout process

If you would like to order more items, there is a "Continue Shopping" link in the top left corner of the shopping cart.

1) Review Your Order: If you have clicked the "Buy it Now" or "View Cart" button you will begin the shopping cart checkout process. The first page you are presented with is your "Order Details". Here you can delete or amend any clothing items. Click on the "Update" button for your changes to take effect. Click "Checkout" to proceed.

2) Address Confirmation: If you have logged in, all your details will appear for you to review or amend. If you have, however, not logged in, or registered, you will need to do so now. Click "Continue" to proceed.

3) Final Review: Totals. Your address and final total are shown for review. Click "Continue" to proceed.

4) Terms of Use: Please read and agree to our Terms of Use. Click "Continue" to proceed.

PayPal Payment

How to pay with PayPal
PayPal users, can just login and click "Pay Now" to proceed with your purchase.

You will be presented with a confirmation notice when the transaction is complete and a link to bring you back to our site will be shown. Clicking the link will take you back to the "My Orders" page, on the TonicGear site, where you will be able to review your purchase.

To see when your purchase has been dispatched, please remember to login to our site and review the shipping status in "My Account-->My Orders".

 We hope that you will enjoy wearing your new funky gym outfit to your Les Mills, Yoga, or Zumba workout.

Debit/Credit Payment

How to pay by Debit/Credit Card
Our payment is done through the PayPal gateway. You can pay by debit or credit card without having to setup a PayPal account. (The option is given to you but is not a requirement for being able to make payment.) Enter your card details and proceed with your purchase.

*Important*: TonicGear does not retain debit or credit card information of our customers.

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